Expense VS Expenditure

My favourite Prof from college told me, “Expenditure is something that will give you a recurring return for more than one year. Expense, although necessary sometimes, won’t do that”.

That was said in context of Money. But as Ajay Devgn said in Apaharan – “Time is money”, I couldn’t help but apply. We all have 24hrs in a day. For some it’s less, for some it’s more, for some it’s perfect and for others it’s not worth giving it a thought. The point is that when we spend time with someone or in doing some activity do we realise, if it is an Expense or Expenditure. Will it give you a recurring return?

Life is not a business. But since Time is limited we need to make maximum amount of return from it. You can’t get Time in return of Time. Time is intangible. So where do you invest your limited Time? Have you diversified your portfolio well enough to not regret the loss later? And even when you have, are you investing in the right assets?

People usually invest Time in people, education, entertainment and may be something else too. According to me these are broadly the things that could give us the maximum return but only if we make some smart trade-offs.

We should know that when we spend time with someone or doing some activity, what are the returns? Returns can be in cash, kind, or pure satisfaction to the soul. We don’t realize the true worth of spending time on the most valuable asset ever made by God. We get so busy in satiating our societal norms, trying to find a place in it, being accepted by people around us that sometimes it becomes impossible to spot it.

But I have chosen my assets. You choose yours. I have chosen my expenditures. You choose yours.



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